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Smart card projects completed by Almex SmartCard Solutions

Smart card projects completed by Almex SmartCard Solutions

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Review of the smart card projects undertaken, close to finish or completed by Almex SmartCard Solutions Ltd.

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Real Life Projects - happy customers!

Here you will find smart card projects undertaken by Almex SmartCard Solutions Ltd. From simple to very complicated all have in mind sophisticated solution based on chip cards, hand picked best hardware, best chip cards in world and much, much more. Here is a place where we turned customer''s ideas and dreams into reality! And they sure have great ideas and big plans. Sometimes it does not have to be some dramatic innovation but rather regular application where implementation of smart card make whole difference in the world. Business process becomes faster,more secure, all electronic and more efficient in every way. Not only that but new functionalitis, before entirely impossible are now regular features.

One of best systems of all times is World Health Card out of Norway. It blows everybody''s mind as presented to patients or medical professionals. Every smart card system we created represents a solution to real life problem.

This is also our reference portfolio. Systems below witness our capabilities, persistance, honest business practices, stringent hardware selection policies, openess to world markets and great potential for future projects.

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company from Maldives is running Almex FerryONE smart ticketing for all of their ferries.

WHC - World Health Card project

This idea started in January 2010. System design took place during 2010 and system software writing started in January 2012. Software completion is June 15 and same day start live trials.

Click HERE for complete story on World Health Card

DMC Minining provides services to mining industry bys supplying parts, logistics and various components necessary for seamless mining operations in Canada.

BHP Billiton is one of their biggest customers. Various regulations and shear practicallity required electronic ID solution which we ultimately provided. Read more at THIS PAGE

Privately owned insurance company from Maputo, Mozambique initiated this system. Idea was to bring technical solution to problem of false insurance claims and payments.

Smart cards were used with success. Click HERE to find out more ...

Pinnacle Health - Massachussets - USA

Pinnacle Health Rewards smart card system

Pinnacle Health company is located in Boston, MA, USA. They were running medical kind of rewards system where patient gets points every time while visiting physician, therapist or similar medical professionals. It was time for some kind of membership cards that actually help to manage a system.

Click HERE to see more details about that system ...

DigiCoins - privately owned ePurse system

DigiCoins is first privately owned ePurse system in Canada! It was invented by Mr. Claude LePage running VARS Networks company. VARS Networks is merchant provider services and also as an ATM operator.

Click HERE to find out more about that amazing idea ...

Lott Physical Therapy - TX - USA

Lott Physical Therapy has thousand of patients coming in and out their premises. Good membership system was required. They opted for smart card system.

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