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Spelling out health food vitamin facts and fantasies

Spelling out health food vitamin facts and fantasies

Welcome to the health food vitamin section of Man Health and Fitness.com.

Healthy nutrition and supplementation is an integral part of staying healthy! The challenge is how do you figure out which nutrition and supplementation plan to follow?

Or, is it all just a lot of smoke and mirrors designed to sell certain foods or supplements at a premium.

We say yes - to both questions!!!?????

There is no doubt that in the US everything is geared to the sizzle and not the steak! However, most if not all health and medical experts agree that nutrition plays an integral role in virtually everyone’s health or lack thereof!

So how do you find out the truth?

That’s a great question that we hope to help you answer!

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  • Is my body the same as the next man?
  • What are the basics that I need everyday?
  • Is vitamin/mineral supplementation necessary?
  • Are there foods that I should avoid?
  • How much fluid/water do I need daily?
  • Should I buy only organic foods?
  • Are there high energy foods that help me through the day?
  • Are there speciality supplements that I should take along with my vitamins?

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